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What do you do when your family consists of 4 legged friends and not just two legged ones? A Horse,Dogs, Cats, Rabbits Lizards? In my eyes they are all welcome in your family portrait. However big or small, there is always a location that can handle your family including your four legged friends.

Engagement sessions are a big one with pets, may times before couples have children, or instead of having children they have pets. These pets "fur babies" are a must have in their photos celebrating their agreement to marry.

In your own backyard can be a perfect location for your family portrait including your dog. Many times animals feel most comfortable for portraits in a familiar location, which means you will feel more comfortable too!

If a session at your home isn't a possibility, many studio locations, including my own allow pets. Please make sure you let your photographer know about your pet ahead of time if you plan on bringing them, and let them know the temperament of your dog, especially if your dog is startled easily or over protective of you, so there are no surprises.

In my studio, pets are family. Photographing your pets as you would any loved ones is a great way to capture the bond you and your children have with them. Please don't leave your pets out because it would be "too hard" Where there is a want, there is a way.

Sometimes Pets sneak into the photo in homes, and sometimes they get their own portraits!

Lastly, as pets age and move on before us, it is a wonderful way to keep their memory alive for yourself and for your children. A special way to celebrate the time they had with your family.

Tips for including pets in your portrait session:

1. Choose a location that is familiar to your pet. In your home or in your yard are fantastic options if your pet tends to be hesitant of new situations

2. If you choose a location that is not familiar to your pet, choose a location or time of day that isn't as busy so there will be less distractions.

3. Make sure that you tell your photographer that your pet is coming and the temperament of your animal. In small spaces and working in close quarters it is extremely important for the safety of your photographer and your animal.

4. Get pictures of your pets with your children! They both grow up too quickly.

5. An individual portrait of your pet is a great add on during a family session you won't want to forget!

See More images in this gallery below and visit my Contact Page to begin booking your family session with your pet today!

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Welcome! Please be patient as our galleries are still being added to.

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