Styled Studio Maternity Portraits

Photographer: Madelin Zaycheck

Studio: Memory Me Studio

Dress: Dia Designs by Lydia J Photography

Stone Necklace: LaLunette Jewelry (St. Paul, MN)

As an established portrait photographer, especially when living in a city like St. Paul, MN, it is important to continually be creating new work. That is exactly what this session was with Dusty and 4 year old Olivia.

I was offered the opportunity to photograph a beautiful dress by Wilmar, MN based photographer and seamstress Lydia J of Dia Designs. With the dress in hand I set out to find the perfect pregnant person to wear it! I found Dusty, a mama of one who was due within a couple weeks of our session. Her round belly fit perfectly into the dress even though she tells me " Being 9 months pregnant I was a little worried about wearing a dress that [you] asked me to wear. I had never worn it or even seen it in person and it was very fitted. The dress was amazing and the series of photos we took in the dress turned out to be my favorite!"

With a soft updo this beautiful woman rocked her session with a simple elegance that comes with soft colors and a couple stunning accent pieces.

Dusty's Daughter Olvia also loved the session and had fun having portraits taken while mama was changing into the dress by Dia Designs.

Lastly the chemistry these two have is undeniable! as a mother of two myself I remember how sweet those final days were before welcoming my second daughter into our family. Never to be quite the same again. I look back fondly on my own maternity portraits and how much fun I had doing that session with my oldest. I wouldn't trade it for the world! I hope that Dusty's words share that she felt a similar sentiment with their session 'I loved the relaxed atmosphere. Madelin made both my daughter and I feel very comfortable. She is great with children. I believe that translated into a much more natural and successful session." relaxed and natural, when everyone feels free to be a little silly and themselves is by far my favorite part about maternity sessions, especially ones with children or partners.

Lastly if you are interested in your own session to document your pregnancy, please view my Maternity portraits page and learn more! I'd love to hear from you to document your time growing your next sweet human that you will welcome to the world!

Maternity Portraits

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