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Somethings that I am always asked by my clients. What is the best way to hang my wall portraits? Which size do I need? Is an 8x10 big enough for my wall? Who should I have frame my photograph? Will color or black and white be better for my wall?

I have some answers for you! The best way to hang your wall portraits? Professionally. Which is why I do it for you. My team comes in and with my guidance and direction measures and hangs your wall gallery to perfection. When I leave, you get to sit back and enjoy your family up on your wall without any of the stress or "how to's" and "what if's" of installing your own art.

This service that I provide is included with ALL of my wall art! Offering my clients the best doesn't start here though. It starts before you even book your session. From a one on one consultation to learn about your family and needs and planning for what you want to use your portraits for. To a custom designed portrait session to make those portraits a reality. After your session we have a portrait reveal and ordering appointment. We also use this time to design wall art and heirloom story albums for you to cherish for years to come.

Here is an example of a wall gallery that was put together with a client at their reveal and ordering appointment using a blank photo of their wall (excuse the photo of my ipad screen! ;))

Above: Some instilaltion pictures showing the process of measuring and hanging.

Below: The final portrait instillation in my clients home! Isn't it lovely! I am so very excited that my client gets to look at this every day and think of how wonderful her family is!

I would LOVE to work with you and create a beautiful one of a kind gallery in your home featuring the ones you love! Contact me today through my website, Email madelin@memorymestudio.com or by phone 612-440-9626

Welcome! Please be patient as our galleries are still being added to.

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