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A timeless portrait is almost a right of passage for those who have a christening gown that has been passed down for one, two, three or more generations. This little man was lucky enough to wear a gown that was worn by his Mother, his Grandmother and his Great grandfather! How special! He was destined to be baptized a couple months after pictures, but they knew that the gown wouldn't fit him come that time so having these portraits made became a priority. I am so very happy that Rachel contacted me to do these portraits for Ezra. They were a joy to work with and filled my studio space with fun memories from their session.

Christening Portrait in Christening Gown taken by Madelin Zaycheck of Memory Me Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota

This was also the perfect time for an family portrait since the three of them would be together in the studio. I love when I am able to capture the way families look at each other. There isn't anything else like the joy of mom and dad smiling at their baby!

Family portrait photogray in Christening Gown taken by Madelin Zaycheck of Memory Me Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota

Printed portraits were a big goal for their family and christening portraits. Gifts for grandparents. We also did an heirloom story album to capture all the moments from the session and a framed portrait to hang with his newborn portrait in their home. I loved working to match the frame to the one that they already have in their home.

Adding custom framing to my product offering this year has been such a joy and I have loved being able to offer my clients a full array of beautiful finished portraits to hang or display in their homes.

3 month milestone portrait showcased in custom framed print and heirloom album.
Custom heirloom photography album for 3 month milestone and christening session in st. paul Minnesota
two fine art printed photos at memory me studio in saint Paul, Minnesota.

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