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Birth is beautiful and birth is scary. When I first brushed shoulders with birth photography, it was when I personally decided that I wanted photographs capturing the birth of my first child.

My first was unplanned, so I felt the need to plan as many things as I could. I quickly came to realize that no one in my large group of photographers that I knew did birth photography. This led to me interviewing multiple photographers and finding the perfect fit for me to tell my birth story. As a photographer myself it was a strange thing to interview other photographers, but I knew what I wanted and I needed to be completely comfortable with whoever I hired. She was amazing. She captured all I wanted and more and through that was hired a second time.

Between the births of my daughters I photographed my first birth. I have always loved telling stories and capturing moments and Penelope's birth allowed me to do both of those things in a way that was so very meaningful to her family. From photographing the first time Robert held her, to

To tell a story like this is amazing and different every time! I am so lucky to have been a part of Penelope's birth and Micah's labor. I cant wait to share more births here as I am given permissions do do so.

See below for photographs captured as a part of their Fresh 48 portrait session, shortly after birth.

Birth at Health Foundations in St. Paul, MN

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