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Collage of family portraits taken in minneapolis, MN at Coldwater Springs | Captured by Madelin Zaycheck, Saint Paul Family Photographer

As you know, I LOVE helping people. When you are my client, once I am hired to capture your family portraits, you get a lot of other added perks beyond me capturing precious family moments. First, when we meet for your design consult, I offer to help style your session. We can raid your wardrobe or shop online for the perfect family picture outfit for you and your family.

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This Minneapolis family was a blast to create portraits for. They are fun and we wanted to see that in their clothing as well which is why we went for the bold reds and a ton of texture! Below I am going to show you that the pictures that mom sent me while we were deigning their portrait session. From the first images with many choices for each, to the final images of each family members clothing together. I love being a part of this process and helping my clients know that they will look their best.

The first piece I usually suggest choosing is for Mom. From there I usually select clothing for the children and dad. Sometimes my clients come to me with a key piece for a different family member and we work from that. Either way, we almost always select one key piece first and build the rest of the families outfits from there. Below is the selection of dresses and sweaters that mom was considering. I immediately loved the pattern of the one on the left or the blue in the middle.

Next we looked at their daughter's dresses and as soon as I saw the light blue bird dress, I knew we had to go with the red patterned dress for mom. two fun busy patterns that would compliment one another in addition to showing off their personalities.

Up next was a shirt and pants for little brother. We quickly narrowed it down to something red or navy. You will see a couple of our options in photos below as you keep scrolling.

When we got to dad, we had outerwear and button ups. I asked if she had anything solid or lighter blue. She found something and we decided on a navy layer over with the navy polkadot tie.

Now To see them all pulled together; We debated on the two shirts for little brother, but ended up sticking with the red plaid and layering a brown bomber coat over it to tone it down a touch.

Now the moment you've been waiting for, Some family portraits wearing this great outfit combo! Outfits are far from the most important thing in your family photos, but they do help pull it together and create a fantastic feel for your session. They can also tie in with your home or wherever you hope to display your family portraits.

Welcome! Please be patient as our galleries are still being added to.

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