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Albums are one of the reasons that families tend to hire professional photographers. I personally love to photograph families with the intent of creating an album. I capture images that are more than just a smiling face. I love the in between moments. The interaction. When families look back I want them to remember the joy that they felt being together and the feel of the hugs that they shared.

I often as my clients to do silly things. Smelling each other's cheeks, telling secrets, jumping, sharing stories of their favorite moments together. This builds interaction and helps even the youngest members of the family to interact and feel at ease with their portraits being captured.

When it comes to album building I have my clients pick their favorites to be showcased. anywhere from 20-50 images depending on how many spreads their album of choice contains. This album that I am featuring today is at 15 spread album and this family was able to choose 30 of their favorite images as my starting point for assembling their portrait story album.

I chose some other images to fill in the story and showcase this family as they played at Coldwater Springs in Saint Paul, MN. The character at this site led to a lot of exploration from the little ones. They walked end to end on this log more times than I could count. And then when the little one needed some extra mama snuggles, Dad and daughter went off to explore. This exploration led to a hike that looked like it was of epic proportion. Exploring tall grass and making their way to the little pond.

Above: a slideshow of the 15 spreads created for this clients portrait album.

Below: The 30 images chosen for the album. 11 additional images were chosen by me for the album.

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