Autumn is the Changing Time

I am in the process of making a push for my photography business to be my full time employment. I adore it and have decided that this is the best path for my family and I. With this choice I have decided to begin renting a studio location so that I can offer studio portraits year round. I will also be doing both planning and viewing sessions in my studio to give each client the best experience possible.

Keep an eye out for a blog post in the coming week featuring my first session in my new studio space. I am in the "Shopping phase" of designing a custom session for my daughters. My own kids, by far my trickiest subject, because I am mama to them, not a photographer. I foresee a lot of play and goofiness happening to capture some wonderful fun portraits.

In this time of change, I have also added a sign up for my newsletter on my home page, If you are new it may have popped up when my website loaded on your computer.

My favorite addition though, I have added the option to book your portrait session and pay your session deposit right on my website, complete with an up to date calendar of my availability. Once you book your session we will make a time for a planning session either in person or over the phone.

I am so excited for these changes. Thank for sharing in my business over the years and I look forward to within it grow even more in these coming months.

Welcome! Please be patient as our galleries are still being added to.

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