Welcome to 2016

2016 is a year of reimagining how Memory Me Studio runs. New session types, updated pricing and product offering and the exciting addition of my graphic design work! This year is all about finding the adventure in my photography and sharing it with friends, families and new clients who I hope to call friends as well!

Sessions will now be sorted by Type instead of by subject matter. Location, Lifestyle, Custom Designed and Film Sessions will be the three categories that you become familiar with when browsing my website. Not sure what type of session is right for you? That is ok! There is some grey area and overlap between the types and I am more than happy to help you figure out what is best for you, or your family.

Here is a breakdown for the 3 types of sessions I will be offering, examples from each will be avaliable within the galleries.

Lifestyle & Location Sessions

Lifestyle and Location portraiture are both about capturing interactions between your kids or family and allowing their personalities to shine while we make portraits filled with memories that will last a lifetime! We choose an environment and sometimes an activity and through a series of play and interaction we create a gallery of images that tell a story and is filled with the smiles you know and love. Prior to this type of session we have a planning date, either in person, though email or on the phone. In the planning stage we talk about what activities your family loves and find the right setting to capture your family in. Anything from Family game night, to baking cookies or even reading your favorite stories can make for a great portrait session.

Lifestyle and Location portraits can be done in your home or at a location of our agreement. Parks, unique architectural structures, the city skyline, Ice cream shops, your dining room table or your fireplace can make a great unique background for your portraits.I am full of suggestions for locations all over the cities and surrounding suburbs.

Custom Designed Sessions

Custom Designed Sessions take planning and prep work. Together we spend time discussing your vision for the session and then scout for the ideal location. We also will discuss the use of props and other styling, such as a makeup artist, that you may need to make your session perfect. This planning as well as the the use of studio lighting makes these images sure to stand out. These are great for seniors, families and even small children!

Film Sessions

Shot on 120 film, this type of session is captured on 12-24 frames of film. Included in the pricing is a hand printed book of the final images that allows you to have a full tangible memory book from your session! Lifestyle, Location or Stylized, Film sessions can fit whatever style of images you are looking for!

Welcome! Please be patient as our galleries are still being added to.

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