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With being a mama, and having over a decade of experience working with children, Madelin loves capturing memoris for families with children of any age. With an abundance of patience and fun games, there is never a dull moment. At home, she has two lovely little girls. Charlotte is  four  and Wrenna celebrated turning one in June. They live and love in Saint Paul, MN 


 Be it near or far, Madelin is always up for an adventure. Whether it's hiking to the top of a mountain, or getting her feet wet in the river to get "The Shot" A passion for creating stunning portraits and fulfilling a clients vision makes her near unstoppable.  Her family of 4 loves to travel, as much of their family and favorite friends live out of state. With their love of traveling outside of Minnesota, or within it,  coming home to their kitties and farm is always their favorite. 


Madelin and her partner enjoy adventures that get them closer to nature including farming and gardening, camping, hiking and spending time by the river. This means she knows how important your passions are to you! Please tell her about all the things you love and what makes you tick! She will LOVE it!


As parents, Madelin and her partner are also so very excited to share all of their adventures with their girls in the coming years.  Part of sharing their love of nature is enjoying our local chapter of Free Forest School where Madelin facilitates multiple times a month.


In addition to portrait photography, Madelin also loves nature photography, which makes her fantastic for photographing environmental portraits. She always has an array of ongoing personal projects and design work. Personal and commercial projects, as well as boudoir photography, can be found at 

Saint Paul Family Photographer


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