Penelope | How to go with the flow | MI & MN Newborn Photographer

Penelope | How to go with the flow | MI & MN Newborn Photographer 


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Newborns are such a joy, especially when you also get to photograph their birth! But that will be a separate post. This little lady was a PRO at going with the flow during her session. Her mama took time to snuggle her when needed, but she was very comfortable being photographed in her cozy home.

The truth is though, that not every newborn is this easy, and this sleepy. Some stay awake their whole sessions, some want to be held, and some, believe it or not… Cry! It is OK if your babies cry during our session. We all want those sweet peaceful moments to be captured, but as a mama myself, and I am sure you new mamas are learning there are plenty of moments that are not this calm. We all want these portraits to send to friends and family. We want albums, wall art, something tangible to hold on to these tender early moments because the days pass by too quickly.

You are left wondering how to get through it when your baby wants nothing to do with picture day? The best I have found is to stay calm yourself, leave your stress at the door. When you are preparing your home, or preparing to head to my studio in Saint Paul, I recomend practicing this calm. Be intentional about the energy you are projecting as it will help your baby to feel calm as well. If you need a moment, I want you to stop, breath, and remember one thing; all newborns cry.

This is just another of those precious moments in time. The forehead wrinkles when she screams, the way she roots around to nurse or for a bottle. What little things will you forget in the days to come? Photos of these things evoke real emotion that as you look back on in the days to come you will remember the exact nurturing nature you felt as you remember how you want to make everything better for your little one.

The point of booking your newborn session is not perfection. It is to preserve memories of how your child is at this moment in time. You will remember how she was, not just how she looked all curled up in a picturesque pose. You will remember rocking her to sleep and watching her eyes drift close as she fights to continue looking at you instead of drifting off. Those are the moments to hold on to. Those are the photographs to treasure.

All in all, we will work together if you baby is having a rough day and take breaks as needed. Feeding, Changing and bouncing or rocking. I always schedule about 4 hours of time for your newborn session so there is plenty of time for breaks and making sure we capture who your little one is.



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